The Huangzhong debate on efficiency construction

November 12th, Huangzhong County, the effectiveness of the construction of "how can I do" debate finals, the County Education Bureau team and the Republican team for the championship. In the game, the pros and cons of the effectiveness of the construction should be re education or re practice, elaborated their respective views. Debaters or Yinjingjudian, or to the actual work of the examples, the whole process can be described as the debate debate, constantly exciting. After evaluation, Huangzhong County Bureau of education team won. The day of the game, the delegation of Tsinghua University and the Huangzhong provincial government delegation held an exchange game, the two sides on the effectiveness of the construction of the system for the first constraint or self restraint for the start of the fierce debate. The debate, not only shows the Huangzhong county Party cadres rich knowledge, active careful thinking and positive spirit, passing the positive energy of youth, the majority of Party members and cadres to participate in the activities of a profound understanding of the importance and necessity of strengthening the construction of administrative efficiency, by education and enlightenment. It is understood that since the Huangzhong county to carry out the work performance of the construction of the party and government organs, the rectification, revealing some problems and deficiencies, and the level of service consciousness of Party and government organizations at all levels to further improve the work style of the party members and cadres to further improve the party and government affairs, to further optimize the environment, improve the satisfaction of the masses.  

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