The opening of the fourth China nternational Conference on training and health of DOPA Plateau

the Fourth International Conference on the training and health of dopa in China in August 3rd at the national plateau sports training base in Qinghai.

this seminar jointly organized by the Chinese Institute of sports science and Sports Bureau of Qinghai Province, the theme of the forum is "· · plateau; training; health", will demonstrate and share the current training and plateau plateau international health theory and practice research, the world cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas for future development trend; with the domestic and foreign challenges, altitude training and health science research field and countermeasures discussion exchange; to further strengthen global cooperation and integration, altitude training field and breakthrough, promote to solve health major scientific problems and key techniques in the establishment and play a positive role in the formation of altitude training and health research system.

, director of the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau Zhang Ning said, Qinghai is located in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, at home and abroad to the high altitude hypoxia environment impact on health and altitude training more and more attention, this seminar will promote the "healthy Qinghai", leading the Qinghai sustained and healthy development of sports scientific research inject new vitality.

from France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions in the altitude training, altitude medicine, physical health, plateau sports events and other experts and scholars, coaches and more than 200 people attended the seminar. At the same time, the altitude training and physical training on the same day.


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