Xining North District Governance dust do 5 100%

construction site Weidang 100%, 100% road hardening, the demolition project 100% sprinkler, sediment transport vehicles 100% wheel body rinse and closed, not the development of site 100% is green or even on the cover, north of the city of Xining city district governance to increase transit vehicles to road dust and construction site dust pollution intensity, the area of air the effective control of dust.

north of Xining City area within the jurisdiction of the two transit roads, large vehicles passing through the past will take up a lot of dust, not only increased the difficulty of road cleaning cleaning, but also to clean up the two dust. In order to suppress road dust, recently, the north area of the purchase of 2 sets of road sweeping cleaning vehicles, focusing on cleaning area and key pollution sections, strengthen the cleaning frequency, by cleaning and cleaning machine with powerful, achieve timely, rapid and effective cleaning purpose in the shortest time. Under the condition of dry climate, the cleaning range of the sweeper is reduced, and the number of road sprinkling dust is increased, and the two dust pollution is avoided.

at the same time, the District Environmental Protection Bureau, the comprehensive management of air pollution on the area of the joint law enforcement team construction dust pollution (demolition) dust prevention work site to carry out inspection, take to the field office, on the concrete problems of the deadline for rectification, a deadline for rectification, comprehensive law enforcement team to strict penalties. Area construction, traffic police, urban management and other departments to strengthen the construction site, construction waste transport vehicles, construction waste disposal sites of the strict penalties efforts, and severely punish the muck transport vehicle closed lax caused leakage and dumped along the way, to guide the vehicle to slow down. At present, the 12 site was the deadline for rectification, investigated a total leakage more than 200 vehicles (Times), criticism and Education (Times) 130 sets of large vehicles, seized the dumping of construction waste vehicle 4 (times). (author: Yuan Yuhong Wang Xiaojun Zhao Chao)

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