The masses are free to receive scientific Parenting

"doctor, my family treasure these a few nights always sleep is not stable, I do not know what is going on?" August 23rd, Li Mei, who lives in the streets of the warehouse gate Street, eager to ask the director of science and technology in the street area children’s Guide to the hospital, and got a satisfactory answer. On the same day, the city’s first child care guidance Station – the city of science and technology in the city of the District of the street door after the establishment of the station to attract many people. In the future, the guidance station for the area of the masses to provide free scientific parenting guidance, so that they receive professional parenting knowledge.

it is understood that the child’s intellectual development to 3 years of age has reached the adult of 85%, and the habit of the age of the age of the basic shape has been established by the age of 7. This period is the best period of education for children. To this end, door street community health service center and warehouse gate Street Office jointly set up the guidance station, mainly for the people of the area to provide free childcare including comprehensive guide nutrition, disease, physiology, psychology and education etc.. Through the development of relevant guidance and health education lectures, lectures on psychological health, especially to provide free professional evaluation of the development of children, let the people of the area of child rearing in the critical period of grasp the essentials, cultivate children pay more attention to psychological, personality and habits. (author: Wang Zi)

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