Qinghai tourism regulations from March 1st

in order to promote the sustained and healthy development of the tourism industry, the second meeting of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress in November 25, 2016 revised the Qinghai tourism regulations for the first time in the thirtieth session of the Standing Committee of the. These Regulations shall come into force as of March 1, 2017.

regulations clearly, the province’s administrative region to protect and use of tourism resources, tourism activities, engaged in tourism management and services, the implementation of tourism supervision and management, the application of this ordinance. The development of the tourism industry shall meet the requirements of the construction of ecological civilization, highlighting the regional characteristics of Qinghai, follow the government guidance and market operation, social participation, industry self-discipline, social, economic and ecological benefits of unity. Encourage all types of social capital to participate in the development of tourism resources, set up tourism enterprises, tourism business. Encourage the integration of tourism and related industries to promote tourism enterprises across the region, cross industry, cross ownership mergers and acquisitions. Support tourism enterprises to broaden the financing channels and encourage financial institutions to develop financial products and services for the needs of tourism enterprises. To encourage the comprehensive utilization of land, wasteland, wasteland and abandoned mine resources such as the development of tourism projects.

"Regulations" pointed out that the right to operate state-owned tourism resources can be paid in accordance with the law to sell, transfer should be carried out through bidding, auction, etc.. Get the managers of the state owned right of management of tourism resources, tourism development planning or the contract in violation of the development and utilization of tourism resources in the business period, idle tourism resources tourism resources or cause damage, recover its state-owned right of management of tourism resources in accordance with the law. The development of tourism resources should be combined with urban and rural construction, industrial development, poverty alleviation and development, overall planning for the development of ethnic areas and poor areas, the priority arrangement of key tourism projects.

also stressed that the "Regulations" the relevant legal responsibility, pointed out: in violation of the regulations, tour operators selling tickets, the ticket to travel, correction by the competent departments shall confiscate the illegal income, and impose more than three times the illegal income shall be imposed; no illegal income, at two thousand yuan more than ten thousand yuan fine. Travel agents do not have the corresponding qualifications of passenger vehicles, ships, the tourism authorities shall order correction, can be fined ten thousand yuan more than fifty thousand yuan. The tour operator has not obtained the relevant quality standard grade and its title and logo, by the tourism administrative department shall order it to make corrections within a time limit; if it fails to do so, shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification, five thousand yuan to twenty thousand yuan fine.


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