Green low carbon for the transport industry to inject new vitality

according to estimates, compared with diesel fuel for passenger cars, natural gas buses can reduce emissions by about 85%, of which carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 90%…… It is understood that the current road transport industry in our province natural gas vehicle application rate increased dramatically, including natural gas vehicles in the taxi only accounted for 78.2%, natural gas vehicles continue to spread, has injected new vitality into the development of green low-carbon transport industry, for the full completion of the "12th Five-Year" road transport industry energy saving and emission reduction targets laid solid foundation.
"to strengthen environmental protection, promote energy-saving emission reduction, is an effective way to change the development mode of transportation". According to the Provincial Department of transportation related personnel, transportation departments in our province in recent years to put energy-saving emission reduction and promoting the construction of transportation, management, service closely, as to build a low carbon transportation system with high efficiency, low energy consumption, low emission, continuously promote the related projects.


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