North agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of national unity and progress awareness day

according to the national unity and progress of the work of the leading group of the unified arrangement, in October 11th, the Northern District Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry in Chaoyang Square, the national unity and progress advocacy day of publicity activities. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of agriculture in the region and the characteristics of the new rural construction, propaganda show in recent years north the national agricultural production, new rural construction and the rural economic development in the region to promote national unity and progress in the work achievement, inject new meaning to all ethnic groups in north of developing leisure agriculture and new rural construction.
zone of agriculture and animal husbandry bureau around "hold high the banner of national unity and progress, promote economic and social development" theme, strengthening national unity, promote national national policy of benefiting the agriculture aspects of the work were the focus of publicity. Making the show in order to carry out national unity and progress to create important significance, "three cannot do without", "four unswervingly" and "four identity" and Marx nationalism "five views", between different ethnic groups "five mutually" as the main content of the panels 1, hanging banners in the national unity 1, issued a "national regional autonomy", "Regulations on religious affairs" and other ethnic and religious policies and regulations and water saving knowledge, quality and safety of agricultural products, more than 200 copies of promotional materials.
by carrying out national unity and progress of promotional activities, to further promote the activities to create national unity and progress and development. Through these rich and colorful publicity and education activities, the north of national unity and progress of publicity activities to a new climax, and consciously safeguard national unity and national unity is more popular for the realization of North modern agricultural demonstration zone and agricultural and rural economic and social development to create a good atmosphere.


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