50 thousand people benefit along the high speed regulation

this year, the city has a huge public works – Airport Expressway (Xining section) to the north of the rock mass remediation project started. The project will benefit thousands of households in the village of East District residents, will enable them to bid farewell to the top of a dangerous living troubles, moved into modern residential placement, the village began a new life; according to the overall scheme of comprehensive management of Beishan rock body in our city, the majority of the village residents to move out after the land will be greening, landscaping, and as part of the Xining Mountain Geological Park, for the benefit of all citizens.

walked into the modern community, from the mountain village

August 11th, Chengdong District vice mayor Ji Hui said in an interview with reporters, the airport expressway (Xining section) area of 1 million 330 thousand square metres of housing demolition in the eastern section of the north project involving dangerous rock remediation, involving about 5 people moved million people, including residents accounted for 80%, respectively, the original paper mill, construction, building materials factory leather factory, Renjie grain and oil market and body work two brigade and other 7 enterprises of the masses; the villagers accounted for about 20%, involving the rhyme ieguchi Zhai, Lin Jiaya, Fu, Lu Jia Zhuang village 4. Above the village residents living in the roots of Beishan, always faced with the threat of potential geological disasters, many people are eager to be able to escape the danger of the mountain…… A new life for the majority of the village residents from the mountain out of danger, happy, according to the municipal government, city district government is currently stepping up construction of resettlement area and village, which, in pay resettlement area will be completed and put into use in 2014; the rhyme ieguchi resettlement area will be completed and put into use in 2015.

combat operations in November to complete the task of

Ji Hui said, as to the work of resettlement of the project, the east district government organizations to make full use of the demolition of the train station veteran soldiers and able captains, the experience and practice, give full play to the eastern demolition spirit, county leading cadres take contact point, fenpianbaogan, packet division, corps operations, to promote the airport expressway (Xining section to the north of the rock) the work progress of remediation demolition, demolition remediation work very smoothly, can ensure that the scheduled in late November this year, the completion of a comprehensive municipal government delivered demolition tasks.

let the house along the line into a beautiful landscape

Ji Hui told reporters, in the demolition of the east at the same time, the airport expressway (East Section) is not involved in moving along the range of housing, the district government investment of 3 million 200 thousand yuan, according to the different characteristics and style of building houses, all the lighting, landscaping, after a few months meticulously, the project has been fully completed in July…… Now driving in the airport high-speed (Xining section) of the road, the eyes have been a beautiful landscape. (author: Dezhou)

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