Xining City East District Legal Aid convenient service hall inaugurated

August 5th, the city of Xining district legal aid service hall opened, the East District Legal Aid convenience services theme practice has thus opened the prelude. Here to seek legal aid, you can enjoy the reception, consultation, trial, approval and other one-stop service.

August 11th, reporters from the East District Judicial Bureau, East District Legal Aid Center was founded in 6 years, received a total of 415 cases, to avoid the economic loss of 200 yuan for the recipient. Located in the East District Legal Aid Service Hall of the East District of Dongguan Street this year is one of the tangible things, legal aid is a set of convenient service hall reception room, record room, print room, lawyer workstation, private conversation room, notary and other functions as one of the office. In accordance with the conditions of aid recipients, generally within two working days and can meet lawyers can quickly see the lawyer, the recipient will not come back and forth, save a lot of time. The convenience of legal aid reception hall, marking the standardization of the construction of urban areas of legal aid has entered a new stage. In the future, the Eastern District of the 9 judicial offices will be all listed in the year, so that each of the town’s Chengdong district offices and streets have standardized judicial administrative organs to provide legal advice and other services for the masses.


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