Teeth with high speed connecting Qingchuan Tibet fast track

Yashenga to Tongren highway is connected to the Beijing Tibet, Lianhuo expressway, two national highway from Zhangye to Henan in a period, and as a Tongzhou highway, highway construction with teeth, will become a link between Qinghai and Gansu, driven by the Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone collaborative development, build Qinghai fast channel connecting Tibet, Sichuan two provinces. Recently, the high speed road, the gap between the 4 hole in the tunnel through the project, the project focused on the control of the project was overcome.
Yashenga to Tongren longwuxia gorge Highway No. 4 tunnel construction since March 2013, a total length of 4123 meters, two-way tunnel. Among them, the left hole 2070 meters long, right hole length of 2053 meters, with a total investment of $168 million 900 thousand. The 4 tunnel is located in the Zhongshan area, which is characterized by large topography, steep terrain and poor surrounding rock. At present, the construction work of the two lining of tunnel, subgrade engineering and other ancillary projects is accelerating.

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