Qinghai Province Key Laboratory of hydatid disease

8 28, Qinghai Province Key Laboratory of hydatid disease in Qinghai University inaugurated.

in our province, the prevalence rate of hydatid disease was 0.63%, and the prevalence rate of hydatid disease in southern area was as high as 8.93-12.83%. Hydatid disease to patients and animal husbandry production bring huge losses, is one of the main causes of Qing Hainan area agricultural and pastoral areas of mass poverty caused by illness.

will be combined with the National Key Laboratory of Qinghai province and the "13th Five-Year" science and technology development strategy, topic at home and abroad of hydatid disease of the study, to solve the key problems of our province zoonotic parasites hydatid disease, not only pay attention to the training of professional and technical personnel of hydatid disease in our province, but also pay attention to the introduction of more high-level talents, establish a reasonable structure, extensive and professional technical skills, innovation and strong research team. At the same time, the key lab will conduct multidisciplinary research field, hydatid disease more professional and in-depth cooperation, prevention, treatment and other aspects of hydatid disease, explore the diagnosis and treatment, new drug development, the establishment of the diagnosis and treatment of cystic echinococcosis prevention scheme for the situation, provide technical support system and platform for innovation prevention and treatment of hydatid disease.


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