Xining customs introduced measures to further regulate the import and export trade in our province

recently, the Xining customs introduced measures to further regulate the province’s import and export trade, and maintain the economic order of the import and export market.

these measures include: the establishment of enterprises to contact the system, to determine the person in charge, the timing of the enterprise to promote national policies and regulations of the customs, so that it can understand the domestic and international import and export situation. At the same time, the "customs policy and regulations", "customs practice training" and so on, take the initiative to train the business backbone talents for import and export enterprises. In the import and export customs clearance process, from the normative enterprise reporting links, customs declaration clear specification of main import and export commodities, import and export enterprises and to strengthen Customs staff training, strict declaration scoring assessment system, from the source to improve the reporting quality. Give full play to the role of the main force of the customs anti smuggling, focus on freight channel price fraud smuggling, reselling tax relief goods, the integrated use of two kinds of criminal and administrative means, strict combat all kinds of smuggling and criminal activities, safeguard the normal order of import and export. Through the Customs issued brochures, intellectual property law and other forms of publicity of laws and regulations and the relevant procedures widely publicize the Customs Protection of intellectual property, and strengthen corporate communication, enhance their awareness of intellectual property protection. (/>


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