Xining lost family alone 2000 yuan per person per year to help gold

lost independence family planning family this special group is gradually into people’s vision. To establish and perfect the interest oriented family planning policy system, reflect the party and the government lost to the family planning care care, the office of the Xining municipal government recently enacted the "on notice" to give assistance to the loss of independence of family planning, to determine the loss of single family planning assistance measures.

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, the party’s eighteen largest security and improve people’s livelihood as the future of the party and the country’s reform and development of key areas, placed in a prominent position. An important part of the population and family planning interests of policy as to protect and improve the livelihood of the government to improve people’s livelihood has been included in the action plan, the full implementation of incentives, let the family planning priority to share the fruits of reform and development, is an important part of the work of family planning. The development of the one-child family planning assistance policy is the embodiment of the spirit of the municipal government to implement the spirit of the eighteen, is the party and the government’s one-child family planning concerns, care.

alone lost family planning family members were mostly born in the last century in 50s and 60s, now has entered the pension period, to help solve these family difficulties, the general office of Xining municipal government formulated the "on the loss of single family planning assistance notice", and the provisions of Xining City, urban and rural one-child family or legal death the adoption of a child after the death did not give birth no adoptive family, since 2013, to 2000 yuan per person per year by the government grants, funding shared by the city and county two finance. (author: Sheng Nan)


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