Xining Municipal Statistics Bureau to actively carry out the international working women’s Day activ

  according to the municipal authorities of Women Committee "on the" I exercise I participate in my health and my beautiful "notice" the spirit of the city, in support of our bureau bureau under the spirit of "strengthen exchanges, joint participation principle, combined with the statistics of actual work, and actively carry out the three anniversary of International Women’s · eight Festival, let the global female workers involved, so they had a meaningful holiday. First, actively participate in the municipal authorities to celebrate the 38 exhibition style female workers tug of war competition. Can I pick the tug of war team team participated in the women’s Bureau, the municipal authorities timely tug of war, my bureau team out of the tournament level, race out of theme, strengthen exchanges, enhance friendship. Two is to carry out a variety of learning activities. Combined with the daily work and life, learning and communication office etiquette, meeting etiquette, etiquette, etiquette and image content such as call occupation, improve the quality of   female workers, for a meager strength a harmonious new construction in Xining.

three is to carry out the chuangxianzhengyou activities as the carrier, to enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, around the "eternal loyal character, striving to pioneer development, enhance the statistical capacity, the theme of scientific development services, to carry out various forms of activities, motivate party dedication in the post, to make contributions in the post, set up party members of the group image, to do the study, demonstration and good service, good image, good spirit.

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