Xining city will hold the first session of the urban development and nvestment Fair

9 10 to No. 12, Xining will host the first urban development and investment fair. Please listen to the Qinghai station reporter Guan Yuling reported:

(reporter anchorperson: female) in summer, investment cooperation and win-win "as the theme of the Xining city development and Investment Fair in Xining city is held for the first time the high specification, the largest direct investment event for all types of investors. Fair project promotion and investment negotiations, will face the promotion of the Xining city planning and construction projects, cultural tourism projects, industrial extension of the industrial chain and supporting industry, service industry development projects, the city reserve land and refueling stations to promote auction, thus a comprehensive display of Xining economy, city construction achievements and the Humanities history, tourism development, investment environment, and enhance the economic attractiveness and cultural cohesion, promote investment, accelerate Xining economic and social coordinated and healthy and rapid development.

this forum to promote the project a total of more than 200, of which, the larger proportion of urban construction projects, a total of more than and 100. Sea lake core area of the New District, the founding of the integrated business district, railway station square, wells Lane Business District and other construction projects will be the focus of this promotion project. Xu Guocheng, vice mayor of Xining:

[recording: Xining urban development investment forum to promote a total of 283 projects, with a total investment of $148 billion 200 million. Among them, the city construction projects 148, investment of 125 billion 200 million yuan; industrial development projects a total of 31, the investment amounted to 6 billion 600 million yuan; the culture of class a total of 23 projects, investment of 2 billion 400 million yuan; travel a total of 46 projects, investment of 8 billion 900 million yuan; circulation services a total of 15 projects, investment of 3 billion 300 million yuan forestry and animal husbandry; class a total of 20 projects, investment of 1 billion 830 million yuan. Recording stop]

it is understood that the fair will be held in the South International Exhibition Center, A, B two exhibition hall to promote. Xu Guocheng:

[recording: A Museum for urban development exhibition area; B Museum for the project promotion, negotiation, signing area, the total area of 22 thousand square meters. The A Museum exhibition area of 6560 square meters, with 7 comprehensive exhibition. City Construction and key project exhibition, cultural industry exhibition, tourism industry project exhibition, exhibition, exhibition area of four three county, Nanchuan comprehensive development, Huangshui River (Xining section), the comprehensive management of the Lake District Exhibition, exhibition industry development. B Museum exhibition area of 2754 square meters, the main project promotion and project negotiations. Recording stop]

at present, fair and fair exhibition preparatory work is being carried out in order to work.


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