Locksmith shop what to do


Doors are unbolted at night. in the current society, it is too dangerous to go out a lock, door lock, which has become a very common thing in the current. Because of the market demand for various locks, therefore, will undoubtedly have a locksmith shop related conditions. However, it is necessary to do more work to do business success. Then, the locksmith shop to do?

1, a qualified locksmith, is about to sit, first, to South range (or sitting in front of the West), no pillars, trees and other objects affect vision, in front of the store is the best road dual carriageway, from the door to the vehicle line more than 8 meters, the shop no step. Such a position is hard to find.

2, the store in the spacious and bright, walking outside to observed indoor conditions, the plaque is not too big, but should be simple and clear, prominent is the lock, or Key Duplication Service, entered the store to have flowers, birds, fish (bonsai) foil. So that customers will not be embarrassed, while trimming watch. Time will tell you, next time.

3, the store display is complete, of course is from the lock: (1, a collection of ancient, old lock; you have taken 2, special machine equipment, clean and neat, the table; 3 key blanks; hanging plate placed, divided into 3 groups (1, 2, ordinary civilian, special domestic; automobile, motorcycle; 3, imported cars). About 400 key.

4, operating table 2-3 meters, above a layer of plastic mat. 80CM high, 45CM wide, the tools used, 3 inch 2.5 inch, 2-3 a vise (gadgets do not have to say). This is a good working environment, to do the work.

5, clerk. A perfect assistant is at least as good as a director! Honest, generous. The master should conscientiously, be willing to speak to the apprentice apprentice fine technology, have patience, never proud. Confidentiality is the ultimate goal of every employee.

6, service. Business people say is: good service, courteous. Understand the customer’s psychology is a clerk of the first learning content, regardless of the customer turnover, or no deal should be treated. Do not limit the customer in the store and the customer in the store you consume 5 corners and 500 yuan is the same treatment, to unlock the user never careless, careful examination, registration, safety first.

7, equipment. Determine your ability to purchase equipment:

(1) initial investment. Each locksmith first step of investment is very important, now the domestic market top equipment for the best of Zhang Yuanwen, BW – 283 type AC-DC dual-use machine is a key in electricity or no electricity can use ordinary machine. Market price of about 900, with its ordinary key can do; BW – 33>

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