Western rural electricity supplier platform to achieve the dream of entrepreneurs at home

The emergence of

electronic business platform, changing the traditional business model, greatly reducing the cost of goods, sellers and buyers have become a favorite choice. Now, the electricity supplier platform came to the rural areas, to the vast number of agricultural products to open a new market.

1 9 days, 39 days of rain added a bit cold. But in Guanling Autonomous County Longtan Village jichangping inland red pickled products factory, the reporter saw a busy scene: just pickled meat fresh, workers are busy packing products.

"before the meat sales are through the foreign friends to help me promote, contact customers, I will through the long-distance bus, the goods shipped out a bit." Speaking of the beginning of entrepreneurship through traditional sales difficult, the pickles factory Lu Sanhong frowning. "Since in western rural business platform, whether it is working in Jiangsu, villagers or friends to do business in Guangdong, I am just eat pickled fresh meat, as long as the order in the western rural business platform, can receive the first time, the foot does not go out, a telephone, goods sent home by courier." Speaking of these, landing three red face.

"we are only in November last year by the western rural business platform has signed orders for 450 thousand yuan, now product supply." Guizhou Guanling flower general manager Jiang high beef limited liability company Gao Hua, looking at the bigger business also grinning.

autumn after the summer, pitaya Guanling pickled cabbage, Tang li…… A number of local products, do not finish the market. Western rural electricity supplier platform to achieve the masses in Guanling to buy and sell at the same time, but also indirectly solve the local employment and entrepreneurship.

Everfount into the order Guizhou Guanling Huajiang high beef limited liability company, now has a cattle farm, pig farms, sheep farms and other 8 farms, indirect employment of more than 1000 people. Inland red pickled products plant is ready to expand the scale, there will be nearly 30 people labor demand next year……

is expected in 2016, the western rural business platform will scale covering the southwest provinces of all county-level city called operators of the platform, by the end of 2017 will achieve the recommended area

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