The marketing line Haagen Dazs gives its sense of mystery and modesty

Valentine’s card business, often have a high rate of return. Valentine’s prototype can be interpreted in a variety of human emotions, from the love of parents, friends to love the love of lovers, but the most important thing is romantic love. The desire for intimacy, the desire to be loved, to be understood and respected, the desire for unusual experiences and experiences, and the desire to share with each other. Any brand that appeals to beauty, romance, and sexy appeal is likely to develop into a lover’s brand.

but only for the spirit of love lover brand connotation of the brand sublimation, can obtain the lasting charm. Lovers want to share with each other a deeper, longer, more intimate, more exclusive, spiritual and loving relationship than a close friend. This makes a lover as the prototype of the brand will not only rich connotation of unique style in appearance, but also had a "I only have eyes for you" connotation.

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