What are the characteristics of the specialty coffee shop

before the small series to introduce you to open a coffee shop should be how the location of the problem, today Xiaobian tell you want to open a taste of the unique characteristics of the coffee shop and how the site. Stores open at the early stage of the specialty coffee, the location is the key research sites asked the investors more consideration, looks good investigation around the market big.

suitable for the opening of specialty coffee shop address:

shop near upscale community. Reason: the upscale community is home to many foreigners, they advocate the natural way of life, the pursuit of quality, the coffee is essential, these foreigners accustomed to coffee stores to relax, investors need not deliberately propaganda.

suitable for specialty coffee store address two:

shop in downtown business district. Reason: the downtown business district traffic, so shop here, don’t worry about coffee stores without consumers, profits be nothing difficult. Although the rent downtown high, competition is more intense, but the large flow of people, and stable, attendance has a certain degree of assurance.

suitable for specialty coffee store address three:

in the high-end office near the shop. Reason: high-grade office workers the pursuit of modern lifestyle, ideology and international standards, natural love coffee! As long as the site around these people can, like nearby high-grade office buildings, some high-end crowd frequented leisure places are suitable for the shop.

suitable for specialty coffee store address four:

shop in downtown neighborhood. Reason: foreigners love to drink coffee in the evening, and the business district in the afternoon when compared to attract customers to open stores in the community surrounding the characteristics of coffee can ensure that all day long investors have customers, effectively reduce the operation cost of the high.

is a small coffee shop decoration, or according to the style of coffee itself to decide, coordinated and have a unique style, can make consumers willing to patronize


1, store design must comply with the characteristics of the cafe, from the appearance and style to reflect the operating characteristics of the cafe.

2, to meet the main user’s taste".

3, coffee shop to fully consider the decoration of the original architectural style and the surrounding stores are coordinated, individual although eye-catching, once consumers feel vulgar, it will lose the trust.

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