Doing business should treat every customer with heart

customers wearing different, the attitude of the owner of the service may be different, the price of the sale of the product will be different, which is currently a lot of shopkeepers will encounter things. Shop to engage in business, as a businessman, we treat customers must be treated equally, the most important is that don’t go. The shops are open, we have to treat them equally with the same eyes.


is in a recent morning, one about 60 years old aunt walked into my store, I want to buy a little bit to the old man would be friends a little smoke, back to the old man and chattered smoke, old man smoking fast, almost a pack of cigarettes a day, at this time, I’ll give her unhurried presents a 5.5 yuan a pack of Baisha shop selling the fastest (hard) and smoke (hard), the king aunt saw in the Baisha (hard), happy to buy.

When aunt

paid money just to cross out the door, turn back, "yes, today at noon to several female guests, give me a red wine!" When that moment, I gave her move wine Boyle said: "I said before, you can’t mess to wine prices, because I this misfortune."

"the Spring Festival last year, neighbors Xiaoyu bought a red wine in your shop near the back also deliberately let me taste, I feel this wine tastes good, asked her how much money, she told me 110 yuan. And I went to his shop to buy 120 yuan a piece. Do you say such a shop dare to go? On not just 10 yuan! I can get it anyway, but I won’t go to his store later." Here, aunt upset, looked at aunt that angry look, I did not dare to interrupt, aunt said he refused to the shop to buy something.

listen to aunt said, I have a long memory. Since the beginning of the opening of the hotel, I also have this bad habit, is to see the customer dressed up deliberately raise the price of their store goods.

remember once, a beautiful car, wearing sunglasses to my shop to buy a pack of Chinese wolfberry, I looked like a woman, so I put the store wolfberry up prices, after she listened to my offer, without a word said he drove away. To this end, I lost a lot of tourists, and then slowly realized the dangers of doing so, they gradually get rid of the bad habits of customers into the shop began to treat equally.

day, the district where Liu came to my shop to buy a bag of tea is 35 yuan, but after Liu bought tea back after the neighbor went to her house to drink he brewed tea, feel the tea drink, quickly came to my shop named to the tea, in order to neighborhood relations harmony. I also give his relatives by 35 yuan a pack, he repeatedly said: "Liu is 35 yuan in your shop to buy me the."

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