The hardware business a hot buddies wake up

now do not talk about wearable devices, smart hardware are embarrassed to say that they are mixed Internet circle. But when others are crazy, they have to calm down, and now the smart hardware business is also true. Today, I would like to talk about their own cold thinking, it is intended to engage in intelligent hardware business partners a little advice, only a superficial opinion on behalf of individuals.

investors only love high handsome rich

big economic situation is not good, there are downside risks, the real economy is weak, capital chain tension, the pressure to do investment is relatively large, more cautious. "Investment is investment", "high handsome rich" glamorous resume and entrepreneurial experience will naturally be more popular, the probability of success is greater. At the same time also reminded grassroots entrepreneurs to recognize the reality, do not put all the hope on the financing.

you are the shark fish


intelligent hardware venture higher than the threshold of a lot of APP venture, it is the software, hardware, cloud Trinity comprehensive strength competition, indispensable. An entrepreneurial team need to have both these types of talent, which is the so-called gene, so as to have the potential to grow into sharks, get the favor of investors. Real intelligent hardware venture capital, technology intensive, you need to have a deep understanding of the industry, a strong supply chain to control the ability and channel marketing capabilities, it is difficult to start a hold live. But once made it forms a strong barrier, not easy to imitate. Each segments will eventually form the 721 pattern, other game player may become cannon fodder.

Internet thinking is not the core competitiveness of


buddy screamed with the Internet thinking to transform the traditional industries. In fact, the Internet has not considered the core competitiveness of thinking, because the Internet has become a hydropower coal. The author with the line of intelligent communication found their Home Furnishing manufacturers do not lack the so-called Internet of thinking, even better; with their deep understanding of the industry, marketing channel resources and hardware cost control ability, personally think that traditional enterprises in the opportunities for smart hardware may be more.

in fact, the Internet industry has gradually become a traditional industry, but many people have not found it.

under the trees, grass

hero, entrepreneurs need to keep up with the times. A few big Internet industry ecosystem dominated the Empire has been formed, even more frightening is that they are extremely has the sense of crisis, rapid action, hard at work night and day looking hard for opponents, almost nonexistent chance to rise from under their noses.

Internet has become a traditional industry, more and more difficult to succeed, the need for a more peaceful state of mind, to find a breakthrough point, a little bigger. Intelligent hardware entrepreneurs don’t rely on hardware to make money, earn money not long; the price of butcher in the millet cross, millet box 299, red rice 799, the follow-up will inevitably enter and Home Furnishing smart wearable devices and other fields, to build the core competitiveness as soon as possible is the key.


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