What is a good foot shop manager

foot this industry because of the demand of people increases, which has a good development, and for a foot store manager can be said to play a very important role. That foot Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon industry, but so long, why I have never met a good manager? How to be a good manager?


fair and decent

in the foot store, reflexologist most worried about is that the foot store manager encountered favour one more than another. No sense of fairness manager will cause tensions between reflexologist, let the foot store atmosphere becomes very strange, but also every day reflexologist worried about whether I would become the "treat ungenerously people".

employees respect and trust manager

everyone that works love they can gain trust and respect, reflexologist is no exception. Because the outside world has a "misunderstanding" on foot store, reflexologist will be more eager to gain respect and definitely better than other industry practitioners, and the respect and recognition from the first internal.

foot store manager can respect and trust reflexologist words, the greatest degree of expertise, strength in order to reflexologist the play, also let reflexologist more motivated to learn more things.

bear manager

who are afraid of meeting do not play the foot store manager, that once the project goes wrong, always blaming others, and looking for a scapegoat. In contrast, reflexologist love foot store manager will be the first to understand the situation and reflection.

Maybe some

foot shop area is not large, but also need a very perfect mechanism, so that the foot store are better managed, and has a better operation. The foot store is small, but the connection between each position is very important, a good manager for the boss can save a lot of heart, but no one is born a staff tailor-made for you, which requires the boss Dujuhuiyan, plus patience polish, a good knife in your hand is still rusty light depends on the boss’s skill!

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