Small business is how successful suction gold

is easy to start setting difficult, how to make their own founded a small business can become a very profitable business? Not the same as in the wonderful behind, very careful in reckoning, but with practical experience we can learn from, can be shared, can refer to the 2016 small business to do what money? Let’s take a look at how the money making business is done.

male fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman lang." This saying applies to business, project selection, business success is half, and this requires entrepreneurs in the early planning must be combined with their own conditions and the existing conditions, careful analysis and investigation of entrepreneurial projects. A05 exclusive kitchen Liang Yan and Kobayashi is a very young couple have their own thoughts, Liang Yan from art, creativity, Kobayashi from Sichuan make a delicacy of heaven, authentic Sichuan, creative and technology, and the minimum annual business was born.

A05 art exclusive kitchen based on the unique location of Liang Yan, while Liang Yan and Lin rented "home" in the open, craft, limited offers, so they took only 20 thousand yuan venture fund started to take their own small business. Plus nearly 5500 yuan per month rent, enough to provide space for the protection of life at the same time, business location is also resolved. So, this is 2013, we provide the most economical small business model.

do small business, entrepreneurs can according to their actual situation, analysis. In the case of A05 exclusive kitchen, "creative + technology" is the natural core competence of the entrepreneur, Liang Yan’s creative and Kobayashi craft, after determining the core competitiveness of entrepreneurs to define their goals, they do not like business street stalls, do not make a one-time random business, they do only "Acquaintances" the business, relying on the technology, they have opened a month ten exclusive custom dining table. Technology, so that they successfully started the smallest cost business.

founder Hong Bin Change chat exchange shop, is the first store, consumers can take the cash to buy anything in the store, then, here is not the general store, here is the exchange of second-hand shops, if indeed there is idle, useless items, you can get the store, negotiated pricing, transaction price for replacement shop agreed on the goods, more integral, less make money, not to cash, nor do consignment.

depends on the experience of choice, pricing, in the Change exchange store, the exchange of value creation, profit margin. And all this is only due to a chat with friends in Hong bin, chat with foreign friends let him have entrepreneurial inspiration, friends in foreign countries have a very popular store called swap shop, is the exchange shop.

there, people idle at home, and not for things, to swap shop, who you are in the shop to recommend

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