Nantong Free Trade Zone Jiangsu frequent withdrawal phenomenon

recently in the Qidong port of Jiangsu, Nantong, received a certificate of withdrawal from Indonesia, has brought huge losses to people. Have received a certificate of origin from Indonesia customs refund inquiry letter of 3 copies, involving the amount of $150 thousand visas, involving goods including fire hose, electric tools, sprinkler, is the main question standard, the certificate of origin direct transport rules.

Free Trade Zone certificate is issued by the official agency to enjoy mutual tariff reduction and exemption of the certificate, it was originally a powerful means to break the barriers to trade tariffs. However, some of the customs of the importing country refer to the rules of origin for the withdrawal of certificates, thus becoming a new trade barrier.

return card check means of export goods in China was on the other side of the customs clearance, or by investigation, detention, or even enjoy trade agreements in accordance with our products should be given preferential tax rates, and warehousing, logistics and other aspects of the tariff, margin economic losses to the import and export enterprises.

according to the analysis, the main reason of Indonesia frequent withdrawal syndrome is as follows: first, in recent years China’s export growth significantly in Indonesia, Indonesia’s trade protectionism, deliberately create non-tariff barriers, especially for large imports may affect local products more strictly; the two is part of Indonesia importers to a lack of understanding of the policy of country of origin in Indonesia, the customs questioned the certificate of communication and deal with the poor, leading to the custom action to punish importers.

only timely rectification, will avoid the phenomenon of refund, so that people’s production is not affected. Jiangsu Qidong inspection and Quarantine Bureau to remind the visa enterprise: first to strengthen the FTA rules of origin and policy understanding, to ensure that the visa in accordance with FTA rules of origin, reducing the problem; secondly to enhance law-abiding awareness of integrity, truthfully report the relevant information to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the visa content, do not blindly follow the unreasonable customer requirements.

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