After 80 guy opened two years to earn 700 thousand

delicious steamed stuffed bun, but its profit is often neglected by people, but also open Baozipu build up the family fortunes. Today Xiaobian interview after 80 guy Wei Lei, he opened the steamed stuffed bun, with two years to earn 700 thousand! Please follow the following Xiaobian together to listen to Wei Lei’s entrepreneurial story!

27 year old Wei Lei by selling buns to break a great deal, two years on the development of 5 stores, the annual profit of nearly 700 thousand yuan. The creation of this "miracle" is a resident of the white town Pingdu City, 27 year old man from Wei Lei, unemployed youth to reputation as one of the business model, he created many baozi Inn of people of all ages.

"I love to eat steamed stuffed bun, was a small household appliance business, on the street to buy buns." Wei Lei said, he observed, Pingdu street, the store business is very prosperous, in order to save time and effort, we all like to buy two cages on the roadside. So he decided to open a steamed stuffed bun in Pingdu city. In order to investigate the market and choose a good shop location, in early 2006, Wei Lei riding a motorcycle in the streets of the city a full investigation of more than half a month. After much consideration, he eventually rented a red flag on the road less than 20 square meters of shops, began his buns business. In order to let the steamed stuffed bun taste unique, he and his uncle to study the taste of steamed stuffed buns, and continuous improvement. With a unique taste, reasonable price and warm and thoughtful service, Wei Lei in the first year of harvest of nearly 100 thousand yuan.

by the first Baozipu success in the East, Wei Lei last year and opened 4 consecutive baozipu. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to Wei Lei’s first steamed stuffed bun shop, the store is a view of the quality of steamed buns, Wei Lei. Reporters look around to see, less than 20 square meters of the store, the color of white and orange tone, making people feel comfortable and clean. >

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