How about kimchi King appetizer

first in many projects in South Korea in the Korean delicacy pickled cabbage China the most popular, the most famous, of course, with the South Korean culture is Chinese well-known Korean delicacy project more and more. But this also can not change the diners love kimchi.

There are pickled cabbage shadow

all over the world, but also because of different practices flavor vary, with good sensory quality and suitable taste, "appetizer" king of pickled cabbage is the only one in the pickled cabbage as the core, the set of characteristic surface, powder, porridge and other multi snacks in one, since its establishment in 2007, because of its the unique production process and inimitable taste, become the brand of choice for consumers and investors.

how about kimchi? Look at the following Xiaobian for your brief introduction:

There are many varieties of kimchi

. For example: sour radish, crisp bamboo, lotus root, cucumber fruit, sweet potato, black wooden ear, kelp, garlic and so on. With its own unique secret technology, combined with the preparation method of Tujia pickled cabbage, and through the continuous improvement of the new variable, leading the Korean pickled cabbage are adding a variety of pure natural Chinese herbal medicine and. Become a new, green, refreshing type of healthy food. Sweet and sour taste, spicy, crisp, refreshing, often eat can promote digestion, gas, fire, detoxification, purification of the stomach, beauty, the name of "appetizer" king.

years of development, from zero to open up, create, we witnessed the "King" of the success and glory. As a "starter" king of pickled cabbage franchise headquarters, we have strong confidence and wisdom, and assembled a group of experienced and skilled business skills, superb senior team for the franchise shops pad road to success, open the door of fortune! Hope each a person of noble aspirations to grasp business opportunities, to join the "appetizer" King

to create wealth!


above is the simple introduction of King brand pickled cabbage appetizer, and if you’re interested to join the brand, then please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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