LAN always declare fields innovation and entrepreneurship should take the road of technological inn

in a wave of entrepreneurship, many people are beginning to invest in their own careers, but for the people no proficiency in a particular line of entrepreneurship, difficulty is much greater than imagined. At present, most of the success of the venture is in technology, technology is the right direction for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

10 23, LIAN Beijing Yong Xuan investment management Limited by Share Ltd partner field accepted during the interview in 2015 China venture capital industry summit meeting, said, "we believe that technology will be a profound change in the future, so that the entire LIAN Yongxuan investment strategy we are very inclined to invest in their own the core technology of the project. We believe that really have their own core technology is the future of China should go to the development of innovation and entrepreneurship."

Field said they have the focus of attention of the plate. A ladder, which is the mobile internet. "Here we are also very concerned about the large technology companies in this."

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