Xuzhou offers three service programs for young entrepreneurs

young entrepreneurs to join the market, dare to struggle, dare to struggle is a good thing, but in addition to young entrepreneurs have their own courage, but also need external encouragement, Xuzhou introduced the relevant policies to support entrepreneurship, for young entrepreneurs to create a good business environment.

11, the Xuzhou Communist Youth League announced a three month long brewing "Xuzhou" green dream to create the future of society, "youth employment and entrepreneurship implementation opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), planning to carry out the implementation of the three "plan" for the next three years, to promote and help the masses youth employment and entrepreneurship.

"opinion" by the Communist Youth League Xuzhou Municipal Committee and the Xuzhou Municipal People’s Insurance Bureau jointly formulated since August this year, which lasted three months to develop complete. The organization hopes to guide the "opinions", to create a group of youth entrepreneurship incubator in the next three years; a group of selected tree typical youth entrepreneurship; issued a number of young entrepreneurs small loans; to promote a number of youth entrepreneurship projects.

for the implementation of this goal, the "opinions" targeted "planning employment bit" and "entrepreneurial dreamers" and "elite training skills" three "work plan" as a specific implementation plan, including the college graduates "send post service" for new college graduates and graduate unemployed college graduates, unemployed youth and youth groups to provide the "000 assistant general manager trainee program, as well as for occupation skilled personnel to provide" competition on behalf of the training of young workers sus seven items, has strong pertinence and operability is clear the.

the Communist Youth League of Xuzhou City Youth minister Dan Zhaogeng said, about 10 thousand youth employment in Xuzhou city each year, through the implementation of the youth employment service plan, city (county) level two organizations can provide at least half year for the youth employment or internship employment opportunities. According to reports, the views of the fastest will be formally implemented in early 2015.

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