Wet wipes ten brands list

wet tissue due to the use of more convenient, and more comfortable, people pay attention to the quality of life in the current society is naturally more demand, the market has been constantly increasing, the brand is increasing. To this end, Xiao Bian here introduced wet paper towels ten brands list, thus giving people a better choice of consumption.

wet paper towels in our daily lives, the use of a very wide, small and easy to carry, out of the house is very convenient to clean. There are some wipes is a function of sterilization on hand cleaning. But we should pay attention to is the best choice to choose wet wipes flavor, especially sensitive skin, to reduce skin irritation; disinfectant wipes are not suitable to clean the face, use common wipes may damage the delicate facial skin. If you want to clean the face, must use special facial cleansing wipes. Now Xiaobian for everyone to introduce ten popular wet wipes brand.

wet towel ten brands list NO.1, Johnson Johnson baby: Johnson company was founded in 1887 in the United States, so far in the world in 57 countries, is the world’s most comprehensive and most widely distributed health care products manufacturers, health service providers.

wet towel ten brands list NO.2, HUGGIES: HUGGIES is one of the most curious curious diapers Kimberly’s star product, was born in 1978. The 2004 launch of baby personal care products, launched in the market China products include: curious thin soft breathable diapers, curious growth and curious baby soft wet pants.

wet towel ten brands list NO.3, Hearttex: Hengan Group was founded in 1985, is one of the first to enter the Chinese sanitary napkin Market foreign companies operating the fields of maternal and child health supplies, paper products, cosmetics and skin care products etc..

wet towel ten brands list NO.4, Pigeon Pigeon: founded in 1957, the famous Japanese brand baby products, introduced in 2002 Chinese, products ranging from pregnancy to parenting aspects, the management of Pigeon (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

wet towel ten brand rankings, NO.5 Vinda Vinda: in 1985, Guangdong province famous trademark, modern life paper large-scale manufacturing enterprises, the Hongkong Stock Exchange listed company, Vinda International Holdings limited.

wet towel ten brands list NO.6, Qingfeng: Sinar Mas Group’s native wood pulp fiber, pure zero stimulation become high-quality paper category leading brands, big Asian household paper production and marketing company, Jin Hongye Paper Group Co. ltd..

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