Since the founding of a small children’s paradise to create a miracle of wealth

In fact, many people have always wanted to challenge the

venture, but because of various reasons, kept stranded dream. When you hesitate, some people are realizing their entrepreneurial dream step by step. The little girl founded the children’s paradise, easy to create a hot fortune.

to bind the parents, I think a few strokes, don’t look at this a few strokes are some details, but the effect is great:

the establishment of "mother exchange area". It is a family of three children and the general travel to play, love daddy, let mother waiting outside in the entertainment district is a painful thing, so I set up a "mother communication area", for the mother exchange, you wait for the other, there will be a message board, himself from the media to see the good parenting experience from above, for mothers. Now the effect of the exchange area is good, many mothers will come here regularly to exchange their experience, but also for the park has brought a lot of loyal customers.

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