Open the lost and found the company can make money

under the new era, a variety of new venture companies continue to come out, some of the services provided by the company is to make people wonder. Among them, the lost and found, let countless people feel unbelievable. Then, open the lost and found the company can make money?

"lost and found"?

"the company is approved by the relevant departments of Hunan province is the only one that specializes in lost items of information intermediary service, whether you lost something or pick up what things are free to register here, the company provides door-to-door service……" Such a presentation, printed on the "Changsha lost business information Consulting Co. Ltd. the name card.

really have such a company? According to the address provided on the card, 11 yesterday morning, the reporter came to the station in the South Road, a small area of the building of the company’s 6. Desk sat two middle-aged men, including a man claiming to be surnamed wang.

hanging on the wall of the "lost and found the price": identity card, driving license, certificate of officers 60 yuan; graduation card, insurance card, student card, bank card 80 yuan; 15 yuan; in addition the safekeeping fee is 10 yuan a day, a service fee of 10 yuan a person, the communication cost is 5 yuan a card.

reporter said he picked up a wallet, which has a membership card and a medical insurance card. Wallet is a bit old, give you 3 yuan; pharmacy family membership card to give you $1, Medicare card to give you 3 yuan." Wang said, if it is yesterday picked up yesterday to them, the price will be higher.

to retrieve the wallet, gave the company 60 yuan

noon 12, the door was opened, a man and a woman came in, they are after receiving a phone call from the company to take the wallet. Wang handed the purse a woman surnamed luo. Wallet is very new, there are ID cards, four or five bank cards, after inventory, the woman gave Wang 60 yuan. Ms. Luo said, very grateful to the company, otherwise, replacement identity card and bank card is very troublesome.

Wang said that this is the day before yesterday after the sanitation workers picked up to him, he contacted Miss Luo, Miss Luo came over to take. The reporter asked, there is no contact Miss Luo, Wang how to contact someone, Wang said, because the bank has Miss Luo contact, they are in the name of the company to the bank inquiry.

Wang said that this 60 yuan reward, the company received only $20, $40 reward to sanitation workers. If the owner is elderly or children deductible expenses.

note: this business is very controversial

when a reporter questioned the legitimacy of the company, Wang pointed to the suspension of business license and tax registration certificate said that this is legal. Citizen Chen

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