How much money to invest in clothing store

in our life, always can not be separated from the demand for clothing. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to invest in venture a clothing store about how much money?

Xiaobian recommended from the following three steps:

how much does it cost to invest in a clothing store

1, visit your local market, do a thorough market research. Including market saturation rate, market purchasing power, store location, purchase channels, etc..

2, make sure you want to sell what kind of clothing. What kind of clothing will be sold in the local market is relatively good, relatively wide, etc., decided to sell what directly affect the profitability of the latter store.

3, capital budget. For example, store rent, store decoration, store the initial distribution plan funds; stock liquidity, travel expenses, hire clerk fees and taxes and other expenses to make a plan, then carry out the action. Among them, the basic fund budget includes the following four aspects:



stores the transfer fee, as well as the initial cost of rent (probably 6 months may be 1 months, its specific needs to negotiate), sometimes with any remaining payment to the owner.

decoration funds

In fact,

decoration, as long as not too high, take general city, about 30 square meters of the house simply decorated between 3000 yuan -5000 yuan, 40-100 square meters of the house repair takes about 10 thousand yuan, of course, the more high-grade materials, more luxury decoration, with more luxurious natural premium.

commodity funds

this part of the problem is easy to produce more, especially the first batch of goods, the price of goods is different from the application of natural capital. For simple decoration, and display is not too complex shop, the 200 goods is to support the opening of the. Here the so-called opening is to hang a sample, sold immediately to fill, although this method is the first product of less money, but it is quite troublesome, many experienced sellers should understand this truth. According to the quantity of the goods, calculate the average price of the goods, and then calculate the required funds. Note: the purchase of travel expenses should also be considered in the commodity funds.


display props

display props including shelves, racks, models, etc., which is the bulk of the shelves. Of course, for a simple store, props are not much money

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