23 years old should sell Clay oven rolls save 2 million 200 thousand houses and two Audi

is facing the collapse in 2014 of that year a lot of the facade, the business is very bad, but there is such a uncle wheat Clay oven rolls was not affected by any of the old uncle, nicknamed old, should feel that he is not good business is mainly because the "eight provisions", many units meeting less the peanut seeds is not something. He is building analysis was a double whammy of large chain and e-commerce.

a few years ago business difficult to do

fire 23 years still is not affected by the fat Clay oven rolls "

in September 1st 14, fat Clay oven rolls price increases, the formation of three grade six varieties: "sweet fat" and "hot fat" belongs to the basic models, sales of the largest, two fifty-one. "Spicy pork", "salty pork" and "sweet pork" belongs to mid-range, are three 51 only. Top called "sweet and spicy", the material used enough, the area is also a big circle, selling 5 dollars a.

eleven in the morning to eleven in the evening, the old should not be idle. Especially in the evening, the students of Zhejiang University School Xuejun school, drive from Wensanlu Road walk or ride a bike commuters, the small window surrounded by layers. "The two sweet fat!" "three hot fat!" the voice can be heard without end.

Hangzhou inspirational! Brother bought the car Clay oven rolls last 1992 to Hangzhou housing debt, a Clay oven rolls from making to bake out, then quickly get more than a minute, and old son should take turns into battle, one in charge of money one for shipment, a roast from Clay oven rolls. Into the furnace, kraft paper bags, delivery to customers.

printed on a real estate developer advertising

should sell the old Clay oven rolls are used in plastic bags, kraft paper bags with last year. Paper bags appeared as a "carrier", printed on a real estate developer’s advertising. Real estate is located in three piers, the scale is not small nor low.

The old

should sell Clay oven rolls for 23 years, 23 years of hard work, money is earned. At the beginning of last year, the old should listen to a few regular customers queuing up to buy Clay oven rolls talk, said the real estate, the old should have idea to buy a house in Hangzhou, then went to see a look, feel good, immediately bought a large set of 120 parties, about 2200000 (plus garage), a one-time payment of the entire paragraph.

has a sales staff had recognized his Clay oven rolls should be old, fat boss bought a suite of Clay oven rolls "news spread from the sales department. The company has a leading Xuejun graduate, was admitted to university study abroad back into this company, the leadership of that year in school to eat fat fat boss bought Clay oven rolls, heard their own real estate, feel a squat fat between the recommended

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