90 cliff which can reduce child students under economic pressure

90 cliff reduction is what mean? So what is the reason for this situation? Now all the two child policy has been open, but for many young people, they do not want to have regeneration, tremendous economic pressure is that they dare not second child regeneration!

the recent population aging problem again into the public eye, but the public attention to this degree is hitherto unknown, after all in the country from two separate child to fully release the two children, the number of newborns growth for all unexpected, even made the decision making mechanism, had two separate child the policy of liberalization of the first anniversary of the number of institutions are expected to add about 2 million of the population, but only 470 thousand newborns, the problems exposed worrying.

What is

exposed problems? Frankly, that young people do not want children, certainly not simply attributed this phenomenon to 80, 90 consciousness for children "despise", the cost of living, housing difficulties, raising children costs are not to be ignored. A simple calculation in the current Chinese will be a child requires approximately 650 thousand -200 million yuan, and unlike the old said with a pair of chopsticks on the table so simple.

A simple

calculated in the current Chinese raise a child needs is roughly "caused by the sharp drop in the number of newborns to implement the family planning policy" of the results of the 650 thousand -200 million yuan in 80s in China, of course, at the time of the China point of view, this is the total amount of population control gratifying achievements, but this is buried the population aging problems, after all is not normal with increasing population decline will bring about what kind of problem you never know, but at the time of the Chinese, a larger proportion of young adults is brought about by the abundant labor, less newborn is brought about by the smaller family burden.


let you   you don’t want to

but is such a look so incense in the countries of the baryon sun, the emergence of the "let you, you do not want to live" phenomenon, social problems hidden behind can not be ignored, the population was born in 30% to China people born in 80s than in 90s of 40%, the population of 90 can be said to be a cliff reduce type.


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