High success rate attracts people to return home to start a business

The introduction of

management of construction, has changed many people’s life planning, wanted to live in remote job dull, see the home development investment opportunity, decided to return to his hometown of entrepreneurship, and be your own boss.

this year due to the cold ferocious, and Northern heavy haze to Hainan for the winter people in a continuous line. From mid January this year, new year’s Eve this time, Guangzhou flights to Haikou are almost only first-class cabin, the fare is as high as 4400 yuan, is still hard to get a vote. The reporters found that in addition to tourists in a continuous line, many young people in the home business.

"double wind" to Hainan, with the economic development of Hainan, and the climate and pleasant environment, living pressure, many young people now choose to return home employment and entrepreneurship.

policy, the Hainan provincial government launched the "double" special support fund, the "I love Nanyang food manager from Beijing back to June entrepreneurship. While engaged in Internet technology related entrepreneurs also. 80 Ronaldinho before an Internet giant company in Shenzhen before, last year to open a network platform to enterprise business service. Entrepreneurship in the hometown, there are familiar with the geographical environment and a solid network of relationships, the competition is not so fierce, entrepreneurial success rate has increased a lot of  .

in the policy side, now people’s home business success rate is much higher than before. With the upsurge of entrepreneurial boom, every home has the potential for development.

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