How much you need to open the tasty Buffet

have you ever thought about starting a business? Have you ever thought about investing? Have you ever thought of going into the food and beverage industry? Presumably a lot of people around in such matters. Now more and more people want to open a restaurant, but the food and beverage industry covers a large number, and the brand is also very much, how can such a condition to find a good investment brand? Xiaobian recommend you eat! A feast was founded in 2013, mainly engaged in a variety of buffet, with delicious taste, affordable price, has been recognized by consumers, the market prospect is also favored. Looking across the country to join the shop, many investors are ready to, want to join.

Tasty buffet how much you need to start


gourmet restaurant management company, the origin of Hongkong, was founded in 2008. Go eat in brand management group, started its own brand and is constantly challenges, forge ahead, create the Hongkong Causeway Elizabeth shop, Shenzhen Nanshan Branch, Shenzhen Yantian Zhuhai store, Gongbei store, Beijing Macao center, a Cantonese restaurant de Yue Ting Beijing store, Zhuhai store and other stores. A real treat group and give full play to the team spirit, is committed to promoting the organic combination of traditional dishes and modern management, to carry forward the Chinese catering for business purposes, efficient service for the management philosophy, uphold the excellent service, first-class product, planning, project management in catering, training and other aspects have made significant social effects, the many guests at home and abroad and the pursuit of advocating.

global fashion feast buffet restaurant, a spacious and comfortable space environment as a fair fashion, dining here, Chinese food, Japanese food, Western-style food, seafood, barbecue and dessert, Everfount, delicious food, make you dazzling. The total length of 150 meters from the buffet, colorful full open compound a delicacy in the west, and from Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other chefs cooking you the most fresh and delicious food, there are 8 different areas of delicacy here, 500 kinds of every kind of delicacy and wine, fruits and desserts. You can be any DIY personalized buffet, the scene is more you play piano teacher music, classical music and soft Yang rich feast to your palate. What is the cost of joining gourmet buffet?

eat join cost:

equipment cost: 40 thousand yuan

raw materials: 15 thousand yuan

opening fee: 6000 yuan

utilities: 2000 yuan

Liquidity: 140 thousand yuan

total investment fee

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