Clothing stores should pay attention to five points

want to open a clothing store bursting with popularity, don’t worry, the hardware facilities do, Xiaobian for you carefully summarized the clothing store hardware should pay attention to 5 aspects, hoping to provide professional help to your shop.

1. font and font size and the coordination of the facade

The appearance of

facade basically determines your style positioning, and the choice of font basically determines your grade, the general crystal word will be higher than the bubble. The color of the font and the signs to be compared, so as to allow customers to recognize your sign in the distance. If the guest comes to your door and no one recognizes your shop, it must be a failure.

2. cash register settings and specific location

cashier is a professional shop should have. You can’t get money out of a bag like a market vendor. The cashier can put on the size of the best cash registers, and a certain position put some pamphlets or promotional KT version. At the same time, the location of the cashier should also be placed on the couple loaded brand LOGO. If the feelings of the couple installed line stores are required to have a cashier’s LINKHEARTS. Since there is a LOGO word, it is best to face the door, let the guests come in one eye can see, so as to enhance the visibility of the brand, at the same time let the guests feel that the grade.

3. fitting room setting and the specific location of

fitting room setting position is far away from the shop door, also can let the cashier position see. Set far, naturally can let the guests through more products, have the opportunity to consume two times. Cashier can see that the importance of not to say

4. dead angle processing

if the shape of the shop is not very founder, will inevitably appear dead. The corner position can prevent some poster exhibition or exhibition atlas. Can a propaganda poster exhibition couples dress dresses, and can provide some atlas atlas display to the guest read.

5. shop atmosphere, color and color

this is very important, if the outside can not attract people to come in less. If you come in and find the style is wrong, the guests will not stay long. For example, the color of the building with the surrounding shops together, fully attract passers-by, and not to allow guests to see directly the internal styles, rich colors of the products, the guests will be reduced in nature. After entering the shop, if the light is dim, the color of the dress >

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