Channel network and Ji’nan will jointly organized the trend of entrepreneurs roundtable meeting

management activities have been carried out for more than a year, in the push of the central government, from official to private, carried out a field with vigour and vitality "mass entrepreneurship, innovation change. Channel network also respond to the call of the central government to strengthen support for entrepreneurs.

on the "public entrepreneurship, innovation", in the government work report said: to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, "not only can expand employment, increase the income of residents, but also to promote social fairness and justice and longitudinal flow". In discussing the entrepreneurial culture of innovation, emphasis on "let people in the process of creating wealth, to better achieve their spiritual pursuit and value", visible to 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers of land in a "public business" entrepreneur "of the new wave, to form a highly innovative" innovation "in the new situation, it is in 2015 and the next few years, has been a hot topic.

will general Agel Ecommerce Ltd is located in the provincial capital of Shandong city of Ji’nan, is located in the golden area of Ji’nan high tech Development Zone, office area of 1000 square meters, over the years has been committed to high-end service platform and outstanding entrepreneurial projects to build the brand. In their international perspective, accurate market positioning, unique brand personality and characteristics of the mode of operation and excellent cultural characteristics by the favor of investors, the market has become Chinese influential business platform. The high value-added wealth technology project, set up a golden bridge to realize the value of life for many people in venture capital.

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