Entrepreneurs need to have good willpower

Since the choice of the

business, will do not hesitate to move forward, many entrepreneurs have failed precisely can be tenacious walking, a difficulty you choose to retreat. So for entrepreneurs, in order to achieve the ultimate victory, we must have a good will, can overcome the difficulties.

Adair opened a Mexico restaurant, named "Red s  All  Natural;, with their corn pancake restaurant sales growth, performance is also found in the Adair, climbing, it is necessary for them to cooperate with large manufacturers to expand the production scale of the products. Adair took several months to find partners, finally, he found a new factory for corn pancake restaurant. However, if it is to fulfill the so-called psychological effect in Murphy’s law, has fulfilled the things that could go wrong will go wrong. Adair’s company had an accident.

Red ‘s  All  Natural restaurant opened in Franklin County, Tennessee. According to Adair, the global consumer needs a natural ingredient, like his wife’s hand. But the reality is not, he said: "when we realized that the pancake is Kwame Haikou processing factory, the production of power they did not meet our commitments, even a small part of the demand to do. Those factories are at least half our orders, and retailers are threatening to cancel a contract with us. We almost ran out of money.

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