Store design should stay out of space

no matter how large shops, no matter what the market, if you want to get consumer recognition, give customers a good impression, nature also need to have a reasonable design shop. Although we need to follow a lot of space space design to follow a lot of concerns, however, in the design, the space left or we need to stay out.

small supermarkets are generally placed on both sides of the shelves, the middle is the aisle. Some aisle is wide, some retail customers will feel to walk down the aisle on the line, but wasted. Then, put these extra places using stacked cartons of goods, such as wine and beverage box. They think that this can be a reasonable use of space, but also to do a good job of commodity samples, to create a store atmosphere.

actually, goods stacking is a great learning, if the display is not good, not only the effective use of space, but also affect the sales. Some retail customers in the aisle stacked too much goods, it will affect the customer’s walk, some large, not easy to take the goods, the customer is not very good to see in the past, it is easy to give up buying. If these goods are too high, and some even more than the sight of the people, it is difficult to see the opposite goods. It is difficult for them to choose the goods, the possibility of buying smaller.

, a colleague of mine is like that, he rented two dressing rooms open tobacco shop. The store has a very wide aisle, popularity is also good. Later, he rented warehouse in order to save money, put the wine and drink those boxes piled up in the corridors, affect the customer selection of goods. In this way, although the warehouse rent down, but because the store is too crowded, in addition to some of the old customers to buy things, there are few new customers into the store, business is becoming increasingly deserted. Aware of the seriousness of the problem, he rented a warehouse, store spacious, popular or good.

there are a lot of shops when stacking goods, only considering the maximum use of space, but can’t leave convenient for customers, how to attract customers to shop? I personally think that the stacking of goods, to ensure that on both sides of the aisle width not less than one meter, so as not to hinder the customer to carry the shopping basket to pick the goods; secondly, the height of the stack is best not more than one meter, so that customers can clearly see the opposite of the commodity, facilitate the selection of commodities.

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