These three points to teach Korean restaurants to retain customers

what is the most important thing for a service industry operator, of course, is our God – customers. Regardless of the new and old customers, shop operators must have a complete operating system to retain your customers, which is a key link in the operation of the road. Old customers are very important to a shop. Old customers will be more trust in the store’s products, but also the product of positive publicity, to a certain extent, the cost savings for the enterprise. Therefore, it is more important to retain old customers than to attract new customers. So how to keep the old customers of Korean restaurant?

these three points to teach Korean restaurant to keep customers

a, to provide good quality products

Korean restaurant should continue to innovate, to provide good quality products. The most direct source of customer satisfaction is the quality of products, quality is also the only way to ensure long-term cooperation between customers and enterprises. Therefore, we must protect the taste and quality of products, which is the key to retain customers.

two, take the initiative to accept complaints

Korean restaurant should take the initiative to accept customer complaints and make a positive response. According to statistics, dissatisfied customers will complain to 11 people, and get a satisfactory response to the customer, then there will be a repeat of the 95%. Therefore, when customers complain about the dishes or services, should promptly respond positively, apologize, and give customers a satisfactory solution.

three, do satisfaction survey

should establish a corresponding customer recommendation mechanism and often carry out customer satisfaction survey, for the loss of customers, you must carry out the loss analysis, find the root of the problem.

hope that the above method to retain customers introduced to be able to give you the shop to bring some help, if there is what other issues need to know please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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