Starting off the record entrepreneurs meet with the future here

in the moment, more people dream of entrepreneurship has been in action, and create more and more customers, entrepreneurial atmosphere is getting stronger. "Start the creation" is a group of young people’s entrepreneurial dreams, a good platform is also more and more entrepreneurs.

"entrepreneurs make an appointment here the future", start creating home interface, such as the blue letters in the sky appears particularly eye-catching wash. "We do our best to make every entrepreneur’s dream come true." The base for the Liu Fei told reporters: "the full attention of entrepreneurs, the whole industry chain to support the base, opened just two months, the leased area is 100% complete, just launched dozens of stations or supply."

in Shenyang more than and 200 hit off the base of bamboo – like unearthed the moment, born only 2 months of starting off the record base on the "report card" so gratifying, where is the reason? With this question, the reporter went to the West Street No. 89, Yuhong District Peida hit off base.

I just graduated from

", to start as long as the rent a station will be able to start a company, if you need financial management, pay only 200 yuan account on behalf of gold. If the car is rented through the park at any time, very convenient." In an interview with a predetermined end position just a ‘Li said happily.

"start" around the business needs, to build a talent exchange, and three projects focus on Investor Services platform. Park held weekly project roadshow, there are entrepreneurial training every month, plans to hold 3 to 4 annual venture capital competition. "Yuhong District government for us to provide a great support to entrepreneurs’ full deputy, in a guest ‘the fastest 3 days to get a business license, and the people club Bureau and other relevant units to regular free guidance, will be the most preferential policies and entrepreneurs sharing."

"Peida record passenger station in the business starting point for entrepreneurs to win the future." College graduates Li Xue next year, in advance to come to this consulting hope to enter the entrepreneurial practice status early, ignite passion through entrepreneurial atmosphere, familiar with the success path.

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