am happy with the achievements of my dream of laid off workers

The pressure of competition is everywhere in the life of

, with the development of the beverage industry, many laid-off workers have joined in, for laid-off workers, choose their own projects is the most critical, let us share her joy is how to choose the lemon drinks to success.

the hero of the story of Mr. Lee, Ms. Wei is laid-off workers. Ever since I was laid off, I suddenly felt that life was too dull, and the children were all busy. A chance to understand the joy of lemon on our television, feel good, simple operation, do not need a chef, but also features. This makes Ms. Lee feel very heart, two individuals can operate.


the entire shop output mode, let Lee any beverage experience soon left the store operating mode, the business day prosperous. After the life of the laid-off also has the flavor, the child also intends to go home to start a business together. In a return visit from headquarters, Mr. Li is filled with the joy of success and satisfaction of life, they expressed their deep gratitude to the headquarters.

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