How to box stores do propaganda work

even lunch this shop, if you want to successfully shop, also need us to do the publicity work, so that it can guarantee a lunch box store was more successful. So, how to box stores do propaganda work? Let Xiaobian to introduce some methods to see if it will help you in your business.

After lunch

join success, most entrepreneurs expect things Bento franchise officially opened. I believe every entrepreneur wants their store opening day fame, fortune. So, how can we do this? Xiao Bian believes that as long as do lunch franchise publicity work, the lunch box stores name out, let more consumers know that it is like the pen store box to join the cloud to the key. Therefore, Xiaobian specially prepared for you this lunch franchise publicity coup, the hope can help you.

– first, to store Menbian and tone on the efforts of

is actually a brand stores lunch lunch franchise stores, stores will generally require the name of a unified standard, and the amount of color will also be unified. However, if there is no requirement in this regard, you can try to make the shop from the surrounding shops highlighted, so that consumers can be found in a number of stores in their stores.

If the

lunch franchise brands of these have uniform requirements, you can use some extra decorations to highlight the store, such as balloons, streamers or eye-catching lights etc..

– second, paper leaflet is a good promotional tool for

was a single paper promotional publicity major businesses love to use, and now there are still many businesses are still using it, after all, propaganda cost is not high, but the goal is clear, is to let more consumers understand Bento franchise, wide net, always have the potential consumer customers.

note: in the brochure should focus on that lunch stores promotions and special products, and the store’s name and address, the best way to travel. Since the wide net, the best natural popularity of the city is the best.

– again, cash rich entrepreneurs can choose

DM advertising publicity

The plane advertisement

DM is the major bus station and the subway station, so the general advertising is simple, with a picture or pictures show a product or a company’s characteristics, quickly attract potential consumers to put in sight, the DM advertiser performance. However, DM advertising cost than print leaflets will be more expensive, funding is not easy lunch franchise entrepreneurs do not recommend the use of.


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