Retired Hall official real estate business 8 years to make citrus cooked

was at departmental level cadres, after retirement, Fan Jingchao would not be too dull for tea in retirement. Play waste heat, the choice of the real estate business citrus species. After 8 years of hard work, his business had paid off.

, Jingyan County of Leshan City

1 9, Ji Yi Xiang Fan Rong Cun, Jingyan County of Leshan city. The haze finally dissipated, a winter rain, let more fresh air. The village was bustling, a lot of people respected. Here is the "Harvest Festival", make arrangements for is an agricultural cooperative, is the Secretary of Fan Jingchao.

dream of entrepreneurship;

1 7, sunny. From the point of view of Jingyan County, along the line of State Road 213 north, 8 kilometers of asphalt road, is a town in the Yi xiang. The east town is prosperous village, a cement road extends past the village with a church – "orange garden". Further away, is a new village settlements, gray tiles and white walls of the small building eye-catching, many also parked the car in the yard.

On both sides of

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