Wooden barbecue to achieve the perfect combination of traditional dining and the nternet

now all walks of life are inseparable from the Internet, the food and beverage industry is no exception, in order to ensure the smooth development of the catering industry, catering brands can embrace the Internet but can not blindly surrender. The application log cabin of Internet plus five levels is a typical example.

6 28, chairman Sui Zhengjun was invited to participate in the barbecue hut organized by the capital China entrepreneurs union "Internet plus business model gene remodeling conference", in the meeting with President Sui "role" of traditional industries on the Internet from the log cabin O2O road as subject to do share.

speech mainly discusses using Internet plus in the cabin BBQ "five level, with a simple and easy language to reveal the" Internet plus "mystery, ask yourself, is seeing a traditional restaurant by Internet plus the impact of wings form the new competitive power is to plug in their own Internet


if you want to field with vigour and vitality of love, traditional enterprises can rely on the so-called Internet thinking himself packed into standby flying pigs in the air a little squat can also manufacture, blasting, find the topic all burn offensive, this is the best state of love


What is the Internet thinking


"thinking of the Internet" first proposed by Baidu founder Robin Li, he said, these entrepreneurs in the future we have Internet thinking, maybe you do not the Internet, but your thinking to think the problem with the way the Internet gradually.

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