Xinyu Fairy Lake for entrepreneurs to optimize the small loan guarantee services

comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of financing channels, apply for government loans is the most easy to apply for entrepreneurs and the fastest way to get feedback. Government to encourage small and micro enterprises to apply for small business loans, and lower the threshold for its application, accelerate the application process, enhance the willingness of small and micro enterprises active loans.

Xinyu xiannvhu re employment small loan credit guarantee center to strengthen the style of construction, change the way of working, further the service goes forward, efforts to promote public entrepreneurship.

Small loan policy advocacy

through entrepreneurial microfinance policy, Small and micro businesses can easily get through the early days of the expansion of the threshold, also facilitate the government to grasp the development direction of business area. In the spirit of Decentralization under the guidance of the future entrepreneurs to apply for a loan procedures will be simplified, greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs.

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