China’s richest man Lee how his stock speculation

a lot of time, a good grasp of the opportunity to be able to firmly grasp the wealth! Who makes the big international investment banks are stupid? That is the richest man in china! Can you know who is the richest man in China? If it is said that Ma Yun, Wang Jianlin, it is too LOW, and now the richest man in China, but Mr Li Hejun.

listed created Ma and Wang Jianlin wealth. Li Hejun is with the stock soaring beyond them.

now when it comes to the rich, will see their worth. Li Hejun Lee boss now worth more than 160 billion yuan. Look at this figure, not to mention my small ordinary people, and even the international investment banks have long been dumbfounded – such a large company, how we did not pay attention to ah. Before this, no report of an international investment bank had issued hina film, such as Li Hejun sat on the throne of the richest man Chinese when they began the night to check the data.

makers have hina film

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