Furniture industry is facing a new reshuffle to promote the spirit of craftsman

furniture industry competition is very fierce, there are a lot of small furniture enterprises due to poor management, lack of strength, gradually eliminated in the competition. This year, the development of the furniture industry downturn has become a reality, the official pointed out that the furniture industry is an industry to promote the accumulate steadily, artisan spirit.

in the upper reaches of the real estate downturn, terminal sales price set off, product homogeneity and so on, could not resist the tide and shuffle out of business, a wake-up call of furniture industry innovation is not a retreat. Relying on the property market to stimulate the market development is not good, want to break the current plight of survival, enterprises need to find a new path of development.


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however, pipeline full use of water-based paint need technical support, but also increase the production costs, although the government has issued the relevant preferential policies, the majority of enterprises is still a great challenge, many companies moved location to the three or four line of the city, but the water paint era is already open, consumers the day after will be more favored by green water paint products. This is the opportunity for enterprises to achieve industrial upgrading, but also the inevitable path of the development of the furniture industry.

"green label" leading the industry trend of

hosted by the Shenzhen City Furniture Industry Association "green furniture product Chinese evaluation since the start of the attention, around 2014, Jalam furniture group, pine Castle Kingdom, Tussauds Home Furnishing certified the first batch of success, the second batch of" Chinese green furniture product enterprises signing ceremony was held in Shenzhen in November 2015.



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