How to choose a good cook

What is the main business of

restaurant? Of course it’s food. What is the taste of food, of course, the most important thing is to cook food – cooks. Good horse with a good saddle, good food materials, of course, need a good chef to taste to the extreme.

is the so-called friend, can beat not idle, we cook only time to understand the market trends, danger, and make yourself in an invincible position

what kind of restaurant do you like:

uses the famous chef’s name

it’s easy to hire a few chefs or skilled workers who can cook a meal in a restaurant, but it’s hard to find a good cook who can cook a good meal and manage the kitchen. What we call the "Chef", refers to the top chef and chef this level of talent, they have superb cooking skills, but also training and guidance of each post job as a chef.

use a traditional brand reputation chef is one of the tricks of restaurant operators. A chef in a restaurant, if you can hire one or two chef, that there must be a lot of people come here. Chef usually have their own unique skills, and these skills can be famous, often become a living sign of a restaurant, make people think of something you would think of this restaurant, because here you can eat other cooks do not out of the characteristics. Restaurant operators should make full use of the famous chef, weaknesses. Chefs generally prefer to maintain the traditional restaurant can use this feature to wrap their own image, so that both in the restaurant style and style have a noble tradition of the atmosphere, creating a brand.

since the chef’s role in a restaurant is so critical, the restaurant operator must find ways to recruit good chefs from various sources. The hired chef, cooking requires not only a good basic skills, but also can cook special dishes, these dishes taste to meet the need to change the taste of the development of people, and can be innovative dishes. The chef is best with some prestige in the local well-known chef. In the planning stage restaurant, first hired chef. General small restaurant for one or two is enough, large catering enterprises according to the appropriate size employed. To finish the work by the Chef Menu Design and other post chef recruitment.

According to the characteristics of

chef recruitment and operating class restaurant operated by the corresponding chef recruitment. For example, Sichuan Museum can not find Cantonese chef, Hunan Museum can’t cook shandong. It is best to hire a person who has relevant experience to complete the job.

however, if the restaurant has formed its own unique

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